Thursday, February 18, 2010

1st Blog Anniversary!

Today this blog is celebrating its first anniversary. Yay!

I am rather proud of some of my accomplishments in this first year, and maybe not so much about others. Stinkers and masterpieces were mixed with no specific order, I just went through the games as influenced by opinions, reviews and sudden attacks of shmup deprivation. At some point I decided to play the most classic series in chronological order - this means that I'll be taking my time in following up their development until their latest incarnations. Darius, Gradius, Raiden, Cotton, Cho Aniki, Giga Wing... If I'm competent enough you might be reading more about their ports and sequels this following year.

As for my collection, I'm slowly filling the final gaps in it. I know it's gonna take a long time to see a good number of high scores and links in my shmup list, but the perspective of having tons of shooting fun available for the rest of my life warms my gaming heart in a way only those who share this same passion truly understand.

During this year there were two significant additions to my mindset regarding collecting. One of them was finally surrendering to downloadable content (bear with me I was seduced by screenshots and videos from Söldner-X). My US PS3 is already online, and I have yet to connect my Japanese Xbox 360. I know I'm eventually gonna be very disappointed when my HDDs die, but whatever... The second change I went through involves the acquisition of a Playstation Portable. One year ago I would never have imagined buying a handheld console, simply because it never crossed my mind to seriously play a shooter on such tiny screens. After the announcement that Darius Burst would grace the PSP library, however, I didn't have any option but to get it. Of course knowing that I could play it on my LCD TV helped cement the decision.

I would like to thank everyone who wrote comments or who decided to follow the blog in this first year. I also thank the great feedback I received from a few shmupper peers, I really appreciate it. I think you'll all agree that the final accomplishment for all of us would be effectively luring more people into this fantastic, fulfilling and ever so rewarding gaming genre, and I just hope I'm able to keep contributing with my humble share.


  1. Congratulations to you Edward for this one year of your blog.

    You are a one of the great players that I know and you write a excellent reviews.

    The HDD from your Xbox 360 died? Do you tried to change the HDD for another? But I don't have a certain if this modify is considered by Microsoft a reason to ban your console of Live.

    And do you are thinking in a possibility to play Mame on PC to help a Pelé Shooting Team in STGT of this year?

  2. No, my HDD didn't die! I hope it lives for a long long time.
    Both my Xbox 360 and my PS3 work flawlessly since the very 1st moment I turned them on.

    I don't have any forecast for special assignments this year, like going to Pakistan... So yes, I'd be glad to join the team in STGT. :)

  3. Happy first birthday. Seems i've missed a whole year though :P

  4. I not read correctly about HDD :P Sorry. And for the STGT, the people gonna be happy with your help. In this year we can reach out in the minimun in third place! Yes, We Can!

  5. Congrats Edward! You're game descriptions are really instructive!
    It's also nice reading here when I don't always get time to play myself.