May 11th 2020, Monday

My little girl knows a lot about spaceship names from shmups already. And yesterday she wanted to see game footage showing Opa-Opa, above all things.

I figured it would be better to show her the real thing, so I took from the PS2 shelf the Sega Ages 2500 Vol. 3 disc for Fantasy Zone. I spent some good 20 minutes showing her the bosses, and she even noticed the heavy weight in the shop! Then I realized the game was not saving any progress whatsoever.

The first thing to do was of course check if the memory card was full. It wasn't. Tried making it work in the second slot, nothing. Then I had a quick credit of another game for a brand-new save, and it worked just fine. Still scratching my head, I dug out an old memory card that had no space left at all, erased all save files from very old games (bye bye Guitar Heroes and Rock Bands) and tried it again.

Bang, it worked!

Mind you, both memory cards are original Sony material. How in the heck such things happen is beyond me, so if this ever happens to you remember that the game just might not like your current memory card.

April 16th 2020, Thursday

It's been a while since the last post, but only because I stumbled upon another house move (hopefully the last one for the next ten years at least) and also because of the corona virus outburst, which has affected everybody's lives in the most unexpected ways.

Shmupwise I've finally come to a point in Gradius V where every credit matters. The loop should come soon, if my nerves in stage 7 allow it.

On another note, I looped Super-X on Mame on my second time playing (reached stage 2-5). What a lazy Korean Seibu meets Toaplan wannabe this one:

Stay safe, everyone!

January 17th 2020, Friday

By 2019's final stretch I decided to revisit Gradius V after many years of a first contact with the game. I figured it was a fitting moment, seeing that I had just revisited Thunder Force V.

Many years ago I had been able to reach the 6th boss on one credit. I got there again quite quickly, and even beat him to finally enter stage 7 for the first time.

Little did I know about the challenge that lied ahead of me... I was absolutely destroyed there, and the few practice sessions I had afterwards weren't much better. The difficulty from that point on skyrockets!

So now I know it's going to take a little more time to achieve my goal. As the polite announcer says on every GAME OVER, I need more practice.

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