Thursday, July 28, 2016

400 1CCed shmups!

Okay, so this blog now has 400 posts about console shooting games beaten with a single credit.

This number might be a lot for the outsider, maybe too much even for those who're into the genre. This is only the tip of the iceberg though. From 8-bit to the latest video game generation, hundreds of shmups are still awaiting proper play in my game room.

But there's a catch I will always mention every now and then: so many games to play, so little time.

Life changed and is about to change even more for me very soon, but I assure you all that my passion for the genre hasn't diminished a bit ever since I started the blog, writing that lousy text on Armed Formation F for the PC Engine more than seven years ago. I grew a lot since then in several fronts. I got married, got a pet, started new hobbies and made a bunch of good friends from all around the world.

Long story short, the little time available will become even less time for a good while. Nonetheless this little corner of the Internet will linger on.

Some quick numbers to mark the milestone:

By genre:

Top 5 hardest 1CCs in the last hundred, in no particular order:

Top 5 easiest 1CCs in the last hundred, in no particular order:

In the near future I'll try to address all those games previously suggested by friendly readers. I didn't forget any of the requests, it's just that sometimes the occasion takes me to places I never imagined I'd venture otherwise.

So let's keep playing, shmupping and fully enjoying life.
This is the best party I've ever been to.


  1. Congratulations dude. Now it's time to try the games without autofire. Lol, I'm kidding.

    1. Vou deixar essas torturas pra ti e pro pessoal do TG e do MARP, mestre.

  2. Parabens! It's an amazing milestone - I'm not sure I can 1CC even a tenth of those games :( Look forward to seeing more games bested. Have any ever defeated you?

    1. Thanks Simon!
      yes, lots of games have defeated me

  3. Congratulations, Your records are legends. Impressive number, impressive passion!

  4. thunderforce 3 in the top 5 easiest games? i hardly can pass through th 2nd level. you must be a badass gamer. anyway, i always enjoy reading your articles. good work!

    1. I'd say I'm just a dedicated and passionate gamer, that's all.
      Thanks for the kind words though. :)

  5. Congratulations my friend. Know that your blog is a big source of inspirations for this humble STG fan.

    You're definitely a 'Tatsujin' ! Abra├žos!

  6. Congratulations! It's amazing to see yout achievments...
    I'm trying to 1cc some games, but until now the only one I could do it is Scramble Spirits on the Master System... currently training on Verytex... after that I'm gonna check on the ones you pointed as top 5 easiest... should be a nice place to start.

    Thanks and congratulations, not only for the 1cc's but also for this fantastic website!

    1. Keep at it and soon victory will be yours, dude.
      I love the first stage BGM for Verytex by the way, it's already playing on the back of my head now!

      And tks for the "fantastic" bit. :)

    2. Thanks Edward! After some training I finally got it =)
      Got to aim for the next one now

    3. Way to go, congratulations! :D