March 6th 2017, Monday

For a learning process that's obviously slower than usual, I think I'm making decent progress in Gradius IV.

On Saturday I had a couple of good runs through the moai level, and I believe I'm starting to get consistent at dealing with them. Then I took the opportunity in my last credit to practice the checkpoints in the following stage (Cell) and a little of the high speed level.

I have also set up my Japanese Mega Drive with Thunder Force IV, but only turned it on to see if it's working. If things get too dire with Gradius IV I already have a diversion to go to.

February 14th 2017, Tuesday

After a few quick learning sessions and a couple of attempts I finally unlocked Stage Select on Gradius IV by playing on the easiest difficulty with maxed out number of lives and completing the game on a single credit.

Now the real process of getting to know the game begins! Stage layouts are already familiar due to the previous practice. What lies ahead of me, I wonder?

On another note, last week I tried to get a selfie with my daughter in my gaming room, but she wouldn't look at anything other than the TV running Gradius IV... Is that a sign that she'll want to play with me in the future?

February 2nd 2017, Thursday

Last night I fired up Gradius IV on the Playstation 2 for the first time with a 1CC in mind.

I've been itching to play this game and I've also been warned about how hard it is, so I'll be taking my time to learn it. The little I have of it, anyway.

I'll try to chronicle my evolution here whenever possible.
Let's see how long it takes!

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