September 1st 2023, Friday

We can always say that some things never change, but the truth of the matter is that they do. Not in an expected way though.

Last week I had to learn how to open up my slim PS4 so that I could remove a tiny round plastic toy my son jokingly inserted into the disc drive. At least we noticed what he had just done, so nobody tried to run any disc on it afterwards.

And here's the young offender, just a few minutes prior to committing his crime:

Being extra careful is what we can actually do from now on, besides hoping he grows up a little so that he can start playing some games with me instead. Taking the PS4 apart wasn't that hard in the end, and I even got to try out GG Aleste II just for the sake of verifying if the console still worked.

April 11th 2023, Tuesday

Finally I'm moving on with the arcade mode of Radiant Silvergun on the Sega Saturn.

Yes, that's the state of the mess at the moment. This is what a real gamer's room looks like, not that fancy neat stuff you always see in Instagram. Moving things back and forth from boxes to shelves and vice-versa takes precious time that I'd much rather spend playing.


Stage 1 (3 in the game) is almost nailed down completely, now moving on with practice in stage 2 (2 in the game, duh!!).

One of the challenges is dealing with unexpected loading cycles of the sword, which can totally mess up your main strategy.

March 21st 2023, Tuesday

As you might have noticed, things around here have been a little slow in 2023.

Part of it is my own fault, part of it isn’t. A couple of weeks ago I was really warming up to Detana!! TwinBee, for example, after playing it on MAME a few times. However, when I tried to run the Playstation disc to give the game some serious love I had two nasty surprises. The first one was the realization that that this port doesn’t have a TATE mode, which shocked me somewhat. And the second one was that my console wasn’t giving out any audio. I retightened and changed cables but the problem persisted, so yesterday I sent it out to console hospital for a full check-up and recovery – along with my NES, which has been flimsy for months now and just refused to work as I was about to have real fun with Burai Fighter.

Could I have gone to Detana!! on the Saturn? Yes, of course. But Radiant Silvergun is there waiting for me and I won’t take it out any time soon even though I haven’t given it proper love. I could blame it on available time or whatever, but the truth is that I lacked the stamina to invest what’s needed to actually learn how to properly play the game. So I diverted to other titles with easier absorption prospects, a condition that’s about to change, or at least I feel is about to change.

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