Monday, February 18, 2013

4th Blog Anniversary!

Four years have gone by already.

I still got such a long way to go, so many shooters to play and try to beat, so little time... I'm cool with this, someone said somewhere that it's always the journey that matters. At least now I can safely say that I conquer more games than I buy, so eventually I might have more links than blanks in my control table.

Looking back on the previous year I guess the most important evolution for me was cementing the idea that vertical shooters should be played in TATE. Ever since I took the plunge and turned one of my CRTs on its side to play DonPachi I decided that I'd do whatever I could to play vertically oriented arcade games in TATE. For a while I tried to come up with a piece of furniture to house that TV, but I had so many troubles that I gave up. Now I just leave the TV there, turned on its side on a table and leaning against the wall. It won't fall unless somebody bumps into it, and since I'm the only one who goes into that room to play I doubt such a horrible accident might take place.

For those out there wondering about TATE, allow me to say from my own experience that turning a TV on its side is no big deal. Go ahead and do it if you want to, just be more careful if you're doing it with a big one.

Check out how my 20" stands in the latest configuration of my gaming room:

A big thanks to everyone out there who's following the blog.
Your feedback is always very much appreciated!


  1. Congratulations for the 4th anniversary, master Kollision!

    I think this special post need a portuguese version in Tasbpan.

    Your game room is very beautiful, not is messy like you mentioned in video, boast for any game collector.

    1. Thanks, master Jorge. As for the post on TASBPAN, wait till I have posted your contributions with BrazucaGamer!!

      The room doesn't seem messy only because of my *aham* skills in panning/tilting the camera in the correct directions. I made it hard to notice cable boxes, stray wiring, etc. Hehehe

    2. I will post about the anniversary of your blog in this week.

  2. Parabens, muito feliz aniversario meu amigo! :) Many hearty congratulations on your anniversary sir, I hope you don't run out of shmups to show us any time soon :)

    1. Obrigado, Simon!

      Seu português já está bom, acho que você deve começar a ler mais blogues nesse idioma!

  3. Happy 4th birthday! Keep up the good work.

    I didn't have a clue what TATE was until I read this post and then went to Google for a definition. It seems that TATE is pretty important for vertical shoot-'em-ups. My question for you is that I'm only playing NES, SNES/SFC, and TG-16/PC Engine games, and I don't remember ever seeing options to rotate the screen. Do you know of any reason that TATE should concern me with the systems that play?


    1. Thanks Oly!
      As far as I know, there are no TATE rotating options in any of the consoles prior to the 32-bit generation (Saturn and Playstation), therefore you don't need to worry about that. It was only when home systems got more powerful that TATE started being included as options.

      The thing is I was always skeptical myself before trying to rotate my TV. For a long time I had in mind it was okay to play these games on a horizontal monitor (and to some extent it IS okay). But the difference in the way some games are displayed can be brutal, such as DoDonPachi itself. It looks and plays much better in TATE.

  4. Congrats!!!

    Awesome collection for awesome master of shmups!!!